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Just in case you were wondering what it was like working in public radio, the following video will give you a small taste of the working environment inside my humble Chinatown office.

  • (Anonymous)
    big ups to the Atlantic poster! But, what is with the creepy chicken?...
  • I need to have that chicken. It would look perfect in me and Patti's kitchen. I'm sure she'd go for that :p
  • (no subject) - isabel_gold
    • Simple story, obviously. The rooster is the "mascot" for a brand of Californian wine called Rex Goliath (which I'm told, incidentally, is pretty good stuff, though I've yet to try it myself). As part of a guerilla marketing campaign last month, their ad agency placed huge cutouts of "Rex" in various outdoor spaces throughout the city, including the Gallery Place Metro. My colleague picked one of these off the street and brought it to the NPR office -- and before throwing it out, asked me it perhaps I might be interested in keeping it for myself.

      I still get a kick out of looking at this absurd thing throughout my workday -- in fact, from the desk you see in this video, I'm starting at its yellow beak and patriotic, gold-crusted sash right now!
  • Your Castle

    I am shocked and annoyed that your office is both an office, a self contained ROOM, that also happens to be HUGE. Huge enough to store an oversized rooster with plenty of additional space.

    The next time I'm in DC and need a place to stay I'm sooo skipping your place in favor of sleeping under your desk a la George Castanza.

    PS--In the states now, for good! Moving to Chicago a week from Friday...

    • Re: Your Castle

      Believe it or not, I have an even bigger apartment, in which you'd fit quite comfortably next time you're in town.

      I've never pulled a Costanza, but there's certainly enough room in here to do so!
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